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General Insurance Strategies and Information

How life insurance can help when buying a home

How life insurance can help when buying a home

(Reading time: 3 - 6 minutes)

Few moments in life are more exciting than buying a home. And for good reason: it will likely be the biggest investment you’ll ever make.

Know your life insurance

Know where you stand – know your life insurance

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Here we dispel some common myths about life insurance to help you make informed decisions about your cover.

Protecting Your Wealth

Protecting your wealth - Insurance in plain English

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What is insurance? - Insurance is a form of protection - a way to protect yourself, your family and the things you own if something goes wrong. It enables you to replace or repair your assets, whether those assets are your belongings or your capacity to earn income.

Protecting you and your family

Have you got protection?

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‘It is better to have insurance and not need it, than to need it and not have it.’

Preparing for the unknown

Preparing for an unknown future

(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes)

Not only the victim suffers when a critical illness occurs; such a situation has serious repercussions for the entire family.

Thanks to advances in medical science, survival rates from a serious critical illness continue to increase, but the direct medical costs and associated financial impact are significant.