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Zen of a market crash

Market corrections , market dips, bear markets..... who loves them? Not many...but what if I told you that maybe you should…?

Actually, they’re never called any of the above. They’re always called a crash.

Higher global inflation and higher bond yields

What’s the risk and implications for other assets like shares & property?

  • Rising global growth and rising commodity prices indicate the risks to inflation are gradually moving to the upside. This is most acute in the US with the Fed likely to raise rates more than the market expects this year.
  • This supports the view that the 35-year super cycle decline in bond yields is over.

Escalating US-China trade war

triggering (another) correction in share markets

Key points

  • The trade war between the US and China is escalating, posing a rising threat to global growth.
  • Although we remain of the view that a deal will be reached, the risk has increased.

Australia slides into a “per capita recession

Key points

  • Australian growth slowed even more in the December quarter. Growth may bounce back a bit this year, but the housing downturn will likely constrain it to around 2- 2.5%.
  • As a result, unemployment is likely to drift up and wages growth and inflation remain lower for longer.

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