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Zen of a market crash

Market corrections , market dips, bear markets..... who loves them? Not many...but what if I told you that maybe you should…?

Actually, they’re never called any of the above. They’re always called a crash.

Will Australian House Prices Crash?


Five reasons why it’s more complicated than you think!

Over the past 5 years, I have written annually where I thought the property market was, and what was likely to happen moving forward. So far I’ve had a 100% success rate. I guess I wouldn’t be writing this if I got it wrong.

When in doubt…kick it out!

My old soccer coach was a wise man. He had a saying “when in doubt, kick it out”.

He would always say if you’re under stress and someone’s bearing down on you at 100 miles an hour and you need to make a quick decision, if the passing option isn’t clear, if there’s risk of an interception or a miskick – just kick it out.

Super…should you do it yourself?

"For many of us, building a sufficient superannuation balance for retirement is likely to be the most important thing we can achieve in our working life.

After all, the quality of your lifestyle in retirement depends largely on how much you contribute to super, and the investment choices you make.

Review of 2017, outlook for 2018

Still in the "sweet spot", but expect more volatility ahead - following are the key points:

  • Despite the usual worry list, 2017 has been pretty good for investors as global growth and profits accelerated and central banks stayed benign as inflation stayed low.

Australia slides into a “per capita recession

Key points

  • Australian growth slowed even more in the December quarter. Growth may bounce back a bit this year, but the housing downturn will likely constrain it to around 2- 2.5%.
  • As a result, unemployment is likely to drift up and wages growth and inflation remain lower for longer.

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