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4 Gift-Giving Personalities

Australia's four gift-giving personalities

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There are four distinct Gift-Giver Personalities represented across generations, genders and geographies in Australia.

The FPA created a Gift-Giver Personality Quiz to help people identify their own gift-giving preferences, and those of others within their social networks.


Heartfelt Gift-Giving

Heartfelt Givers

  • Spend $103/per month on gifts
  • Least likely to bulk buy gifts (29%)
  • More likely to be female (57%)
  • Most likely to value the gift of seeing a financial planner (64%)


Practical Gift-Giving

Practical Givers

  • Spend $104/month on gifts
  • Most likely to budget for gifts (40%)
  • Highly value the gift of seeing a financial planner (60%)
  • Most likely to be older (66% are Gen X or Baby Boomers)


Impulsive Gift-Giving

Impulsive Givers

  • Spend the most on gifts at $112/month
  • More likely to be female (61%)
  • Least likely to budget for gifts (24%)
  • Highly likely to value the gift of seeing a financial planner (61%)


Simple Gift-Giving

Simple Givers

  • Spend the least on gifts at $85/month
  • Least likely to value the gift of seeing a financial planner (53%)
  • Unlikely to budget for gifts (25%)
  • Prefer to give cash or an easy gift such as wine or chocolate


Discover your gift-giving personality

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