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When in doubt - kick it out!
(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

My old soccer coach was a wise man. He had a saying “when in doubt, kick it out”.

He would always say if you’re under stress and someone’s bearing down on you at 100 miles an hour and you need to make a quick decision, if the passing option isn’t clear, if there’s risk of an interception or a miskick – just kick it out.

Sip Wine with your Amigos
(Reading time: 3 - 6 minutes)

Do you know why you do what you do or are you just doing it…well, because?

The below story is about making sure you’re getting out of bed in the morning for the right reasons. It’s about making sure you’re living life on your terms and not just working towards a future goal you’re not even sure you want.

Albert Einstein
(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value". Of all Albert Einstein’s many quotes, this is one of his most profound.

I ask others what success looks like and of course the concept is different for everyone. Usually, it’s considered in the context of material measures…the biggest house, the newest car or the highest salary. What I also find is that acquiring these types of success usually gives a person satisfaction for a relatively short period.

Post Budget 2016
(Reading time: 3 - 5 minutes)

Well the 2016 Budget has been delivered, so what should we be doing regarding the changes to super?

There are a number of big changes regarding contributions to super, but in short the Government is making it harder to get larger amounts of money into super, thereby making it harder for retirees to take advantage of the tax free status of a Super Pension (known as an Allocated Pension).

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