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Corporate Super

Sydney Financial Planning services a number of Corporate Superannuation plans with various superannuation product providers including AMP, OnePath and MLC.

A corporate superannuation plan is simply a superannuation arrangement set up by your employer. When you join your employer you are given the freedom to choose where you would like your superannuation contributions to be sent. You can supply your employer with the details of your own superannuation fund or use the corporate superannuation plan your employer already has in place.

If you choose to use your employer's superannuation plan, they will set up an account for you and you will be sent the details of your account. There are advantages to using a corporate superannuation plan, which we would be happy to explain to you. These may include;

  • Discounted insurance premiums for insurance policies owned by your fund
  • Automatic acceptance of insurances (and therefore no need to go through the insurance application process)
  • Lower fees for the money you have invested through the superannuation fund.

If Sydney Financial Planning services your employer's corporate superannuation plan, we distribute our quarterly newsletter to your employer, who then forwards it to you. This allows you to keep up to date with current financial planning issues. If you have not received this from your employer, please contact us by phone or via marketing@sydneyfinancialplanning.com.au to obtain the latest edition. 

To get you started, please read this simplified guide to superannuation to see how super works...and how to make it work for you!

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