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Following are experiences from Michal's clients.

Finetuning his life before retirement...

"Michal is passionate and informative. He keeps me in the loop with what’s happening within global markets and explains how this relates to my personal financial situation in a way that I understand and am comfortable with. He is honest and upfront with all the positive and negative implications this might have for me. Michal Bodi has shown me possibilities I was previously unaware of and I trust his judgement because of his experience in financial planning.right quote

Retired with two adult children...

"The way our financial planner explained everything was great. Michal made sure we understood everything before we left his office. We are very happy with the service we receive and the way he communicates with us. right quote

Renting with one small child...

"I was impressed that Michal really listened, and 'got' my situation and the advice has been spot on. I appreciate his continued support and focus which keeps me moving ahead. I have always been suspicious of financial planners and it has been a beneficial turnaround for me to meet Michal Bodi. right quote

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