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We find the best way to convey the difference we make to our clients lives, is to tell their stories at different stages of life...

This section looks at examples of different life stages and might help you identify yourself with one of them:

  • Don't waste my time - Starting in life and starting making first plans, typically in early 20s
  • Save me time - Busy living, in need of a structure you can rely on, typically in 30s and 40s
  • Give me time - In a need of right advice before it’s too late, typically over 50s
  • Enjoying time - Utilising and making the saved money last, typically retirees
  • Help me grow - Career focused, typically single individual with high income
  • Help my business - Self-employed business owner, wanting to maximise opportunities

Find out more on each of the different life stages...

Meet Tod (25) and Tanya (22) who have been in a relationship since they met at university. Tod has just started his first serious job and Tanya is finishing her Master’s degree and working casually in a local café. They spend the majority of their spare time socialising and go on regular trips overseas.

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Meet Rob (66) and his wife Cathy (64) who have recently retired and now spend their time travelling, visiting family and indulging in their hobbies – Rob’s painting and Cathy’s golf.They have 2 children who live nearby and another who lives in London. They get to see a lot of their 5 grandchildren.

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Steve (36) and Amy (38) have been married for 7 years and have a son named William (2). They are a busy couple, both work long hours and are focused on their careers and moving to the top of their professions. They would like to have another child before Amy turns 40.

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Patrick is a 46-year-old electrician.  Business is good: he has two other qualified electricians and one apprentice working for him.  His wife Rachel is a silent partner in the business and takes care of the bookkeeping. 

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Meet John (55) and his wife Susan (52) who are both still working.  John’s an optometrist in the practice he started 15 years ago, and Susan works as an administrator 4 days a week in a veterinary clinic.

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Anna is 36, and recently accepted a promotion at an advertising firm where she works. She earns $200,000 a year, rents a studio in Surry Hills, eats out with her wide circle of friends at least 3 nights a week, goes on an overseas holiday each year, and regularly flies to Melbourne and Perth to visit family and friends.

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