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Meet Tod (25) and Tanya (22) who have been in a relationship since they met at university. Tod has just started his first serious job and Tanya is finishing her Master’s degree and working casually in a local café. They spend the majority of their spare time socialising and go on regular trips overseas.

In the email they sent before they came to our office they included these main areas of concern:

  • They are not interested in super, life insurance or other ‘boring topics’.
  • They want to know how to finance their next ski trip
  • Some of their friends already have bought a property and they would like to do the same
  • They live ‘today’ and want to enjoy their youth
  • They have talked about getting married in a few years and want to know how much this would cost
  • Flexibility is important to them as they do not like to be tied down with large commitments.
  • They seek to gain a competitive advantage over their peers by having a plan going forward

If you can identify with Tod and Tanya please read on...

It was quite a revelation for Tod and Tanya when they saw a tailored financial plan designed by Sydney Financial Planning. After a careful cash flow examination we have adjusted the way they now spend their hard earned money. In addition, we have helped Tanya find a part time job that suits her timetable and provides her with a higher income. We equipped Tod with a plan to gain new skills which will help him transition into a higher earning role in his company.

They now know they will be able to afford their regular trips overseas and at the same time enjoy a lifestyle that allows them to spend time with their friends and family. With the help of government incentives available to them, they have a separate savings plan earmarked for their future property deposit. And Tanya is pleased she is in charge of their wedding savings plan.

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