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Enjoying time

Meet Rob (66) and his wife Cathy (64) who have recently retired and now spend their time travelling, visiting family and indulging in their hobbies – Rob’s painting and Cathy’s golf.They have 2 children who live nearby and another who lives in London. They get to see a lot of their 5 grandchildren.

We sat down with Rob and Cathy to discuss ways of ensuring they can reach and exceed their retirement goals.During our discussion, the following things became clear:

  • They want to visit their son in London
  • They didn’t want to spend all their time taking care of the day to day maintenance of their investments
  • They want to spend as much time as possible with their grandkids
  • They don’t want to have to worry about money in retirement – they want to know that they have enough money in the bank each month to live life comfortably
  • They want to maximise any Government benefits they might be entitled to
  • They want to avoid tax as much as possible

If you can identify with Rob and Cathy please read on...

With these points in mind we were able to design a plan that ensured Rob and Cathy receive a regular, stable and reliable income regardless of market movements. We were able to maximise their Government pension entitlements and were able to reduce their tax bill to nil.

We agreed that our office would look after their pension plans and assist them with the completion of relevant paperwork. This has given them the time to spend with their family that they were hoping for.

They’ve even been able to book a holiday to go and see their son in London.  Now that everything is on track for them they appreciate the peace of mind their ongoing relationship with us gives them.

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