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Anna is 36, and recently accepted a promotion at an advertising firm where she works. She earns $200,000 a year, rents a studio in Surry Hills, eats out with her wide circle of friends at least 3 nights a week, goes on an overseas holiday each year, and regularly flies to Melbourne and Perth to visit family and friends.

A few years ago, she discussed buying an investment property with her accountant, who helped her negatively gear an apartment on the Gold Coast. She currently directs whatever left over cash she has to her online savings account.

In the email she sends us prior to our meeting, she nominates the following areas of concern:

  • She wants to accelerate building of her assets, but doesn’t have the time to actively manage this.
  • She is still apprehensive about the share market because of the GFC.
  • She wants to build up a relationship with someone she can trust to take care of the day to day running of her financial affairs.
  • She’s worried that there’s no one who could provide for her if she got sick and couldn’t work.
  • She thinks it might be time for her to buy an apartment of her own, but doesn’t really want to restrict her lifestyle with a budget.
  • She hasn’t been worried about superannuation in the past, but she thinks it might be time to start.

If you can identify with Anna, please read on...

Anna was very impressed with the detail, accuracy and personal level of care her financial plan from our practice showed.

After looking at her spending habits, we identified that there was enough left over to invest without having to reduce Anna’s lifestyle spending too much. We agreed to invest half the money she had in the online savings account into a new managed fund.  This was done in order to diversify her investments, and accelerate the growth of her savings over the next few years into a larger deposit for an apartment. We consolidated her multiple superannuation accounts into a personal portable plan that also allows income protection cover, so she can rest assured that she will be covered if her income stops due to a sickness or injury, and she doesn’t have to worry about paying for it out of her own pocket.

As her lifestyle was of a big importance to her we have implemented a ‘lifestyle’ trauma protection plan covering so she doesn’t have to compromise in the future.

She now has a trusted financial planner looking after her life plans whom she can visit on regular basis, which is a huge weight off her shoulders.

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