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Client Story Videos

Listen to real stories from real clients...possibly just like you!

Robert shares why he's such a firm believer in what Sydney Financial Planning offer in terms of services both monetary related and relationship based.

Frank & Connie share their life story - where they came from and where they are now.

Read more: Frank and Connie Gonzalez's Story

Sarah and Javier are driven couple. They want certainties in life and they want options. They're also doers, so they went out and started working on their wealth portfolio. But soon they realised there's something missing...they needed a plan and someone who will hold them accountable.

Read more: Sarah and Javier Novelli's Story

Leigh Coppin talks about what challenges her, what she enjoys and how financial security is helping her achieve what she wants in life.

Read more: Leigh Coppin's Story

Ernie Dawes describes how Sydney Financial Planning helped him deal with his unique life situation, and how they can help you too.

Read more: Ernie Dawes' Story

Bob and Vincenza Lavalle from Wollongong talk about family, grandchildren and growing up. Like most of us, they've had challenges, but have ended up in a very good place.

Read more: Bob and Vincenza Lavalle's Story

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