Follow our involvement in the community, and get behind us to help support our chosen charities.

Sir David Martin Foundation

Sydney Financial Planning has been involved in helping the community in many capacities over the past 30 years. In 2014 we became involved with the Sir David Martin Foundation and have actively been involved in various fundraising campaigns.

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The Foundation’s efforts are focused on supporting two major programs: 

Programs are run by Mission Australia

Triple Care Farm

Located in Robertson, the Farm provides rehabilitation for young people between the ages of 16 and 24 with complex needs including those arising from drug and alcohol problems, mental health issues and homelessness. The program is run over 3 months and boasts a 75% success rate of returning these youths back into mainstream life. Follow-up support can involve assisting young people with finding somewhere to live, reintroducing them to education or even helping them find employment.

David Martin Place

David Martin Place is a youth drug and alcohol detox facility that helps 16-24 year olds to overcome addiction and lead healthy lives. It is the first detox facility of its kind in New South Wales and will begin accepting its first clients on the 24th of July 2017.

Beyond supporting these programs, the Foundation helps with the continued education of youth through the Sir David Martin Foundation scholarship program.

Our Commitment

Our team actively participate in the Abseil for Youth annual event and assist with various other fundraising programs.

We affected a donation program which encourages our staff and clients to join us in co-contributing to this worthwhile cause.

We are committed to matching any contribution up to the value of $500. Simply visit the Sir David Martin Foundation website, make a contribution and email us your receipt so that we can match it.

It would be great to think we can make a difference. We urge you to make a donation to this worthwhile foundation.


“As a dad of 3 children, from ages 16 to 21 I know how lucky my children are to have loving parents, leadership, as well as a great opportunity for a rewarding future. The cold hard facts are many children don’t have this and their life slowly spirals out of control.” Bill Bracey