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No change, nothing changes

If you change nothing, nothing will change

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My son is turning five next month, and he's at that age now when I can have a decent chat with him.

One day I saw him building a tall Lego wall. But every time he got it to a certain height it crumbled down. It made him upset because he’d spent a long time building it.  

So I asked him if he wanted my help. It was obvious to me that all he needed to do was strengthen the base. He refused and laughed.

I left. About twenty minutes later I heard a frustrating cry. Then silence. Then he came out with his head down and asked me to help him.

I thought what a champion. He worked out he needed my help. But more importantly, he’s done something about it and asked for it. He figured that he simply had to change his attitude. Even though his pride was telling him otherwise, his desire to succeed has prevailed. I felt pride only a father can feel.

I think we all find ourselves in this situation from time to time. We want to move forward but something is holding us back. It could be fixed by a simple change of looking at the problem or an objective point of view. But we’re afraid to show our vulnerability. It might look like we failed.

But failure is never admitting that we are wrong and that we need to change our thinking. That’s called a progress. Failure is refusing change, getting stuck and not moving forward.

The liberating sentiment of change is one of the most rewarding feelings. But we need to allow ourselves to experience it first. We need to be prepared to put our hand up. Even if no one around has done it before, even if it means taking a step outside the herd.

If our desire to achieve something is strong enough, if we want to experience something new, our only option is to change the status quo. It’s our obligation.

And that’s when the magic happens. That new experience is worth every try.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to climb your wall of change? I’d be honoured to hear about it.



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Article by Michal Bodi | Senior Financial Planner


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