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The SFP founder Bill Bracey features in a TV series - Your Best Interests ( is about financial advice and the difference it makes to the lives of everyday Australians...

Your Best Interests ( is about financial advice and the difference it makes to the lives of everyday Australians.

Sharing the real life stories of single Mum, Helen and her teenage daughter, Lauren and young widower, Lisa; Your Best Interests is a TV series that explores the real life challenges, concerns, hopes and dreams of these women as they come to terms with their very different life circumstances.

Helen's Story

When Helen divorced, it was her teenage daughter, Lauren that urged her to seek financial help. Alone, with a home that needed renovating, a daughter to support and desire to travel, Helen couldn’t imagine how she’d ever be able to live the life she wanted. Watch how with the help of a professional financial adviser, she managed to change that with realistic plans for a future she didn’t think possible.

Your Best Interest - Helen

Working with Bill Bracey as their financial adviser, Helen and Lauren embark on a journey of discovery as they come to learn more about their personal priorities, managing money, new options and opportunities that open up as they re-build their lives and take control of their financial wellbeing.

Your Best Interest - Helen and Lauren

The program is produced by the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), Australia's oldest association representing financial advisers, who believe that great advice is in the best interests of more Australians.The show will screen on Channel 4Me (74) AND on the Business and Finance section of the 4Me website next Tuesday 30 June at 8pm AEST.

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