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Rising importance of aged care planning

Rising importance of aged care planning

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You may have parents who live on their own but because of failing health they need support to help care for themselves or it may be that they cannot look after themselves anymore and need to move to a home that can.

This can be a really difficult time for families as our elders come to terms with their new circumstance.

 There are support services available for our loved ones in their homes or in a place that caters for their special needs.

The Aged Care Sector offers help for both but can be difficult to navigate. Where do I start? Who do I talk to? What will they have to pay? How will it affect their home? How does it affect their Aged Pension? What home is best to cater to their needs.

These questions and more come up in what can be a very confusing and emotional time.

Important considerations for Aged Care

  • Does my elderly relative need support to stay at home, what are the Aged Care Home Packages available and how do I apply for them?
  • Does my elderly relative need to go into Aged Care, what facility would they like to go to and what are their particular needs (there are different levels of cover depending on the relative’s medical needs and not all Aged Care facilities cover all areas of need)?
  • How do I start the process of getting them into Aged Care?
  • How do I go about contacting the facilities and what is needed by them before they will accept someone?
  • Can I or anyone else speak to Aged Care on my elderly relative’s behalf?
  • How does my elderly relative pay for care and what are their options (There are at least four different payments for Aged Care that differ in complexity)?
  • What government or Centrelink assistance is available and what to do with the family home?

icon quoteLife threw a curve ball when Mum was no longer able to make financial decisions about her future. Navigating the aged care system left me utterly confused. I knew what we needed to achieve for mum but having the know-how was another matter. Andrew Tate was brought into this process and helped us not only establish clear goals but produced a comprehensive strategic paper that compared scenarios to achieve such goals. He comprehensively walked us through the findings to the point where we felt 100% confident in making the same decisions that a short time ago seemed overwhelming. I am incredibly grateful to Andrew for his precise knowledge and desire to help my family.’

Sasha Campbell (Daughter of Estelle Pulman who recently went into Aged Care)

These are just some of the questions that have to be considered for Aged Care and the answers can have a varying effect on each of them.

At Sydney Financial Planning we understand the complex rules around Aged Care. As Aged Care specialists we understand how sensitive this situation can be when dealing with your elderly relatives. Let us work together with you to find a solution that will satisfy your loved ones. Call our team to have a discussion around any prospective family members who may need extra care in their twilight years.


If you aren't sure how to proceed, lets start with a call...

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